Well, crossing things off your bucket list sometimes calls for crazy decisions! I will fly to New York for 72 hours to attend my induction into The Friars Club!

This year they also elected Bette Midler, William Baldwin and Fran Drescher as members and they are invited to the dinner and ceremony! If I get to meet Bette Midler, I can tick off another thing from my bucket list!

And I will also see my amazing sister, Karen Rose Solimini as well as my cousins from New York, James Nawoichyk and Marie Bauer! They’re both Yankees fans, but, well l, they can’t be perfect! I still love them!

I will be in town form the 10th to the 13th September staying at The Carvi Hotel just a five minute walk to The Friars Club.

Will be free the 11th if anyone is in the city!

Keep laughing, people!


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