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I need stronger support from my team! Men that can represent me. So please welcome to my administration Vincent Scaramucci, Frank Manganana, Tony Tuttelini, Carmine Ragastini, Alfredo Tagliatucci and Bobby “Quick Trigger” Piscaponi!


You can’t make this stuff up!

After a huge Dim Sum lunch, I was walking back to my office with a colleague!

He said to me “Well, Anthony, you look very………………….. healthy! And you know, research shows that “thin” people are more at risk of illness than overweight people!”

Well, thank you! I will keep that in mind! You’re so kind for sharing!!!

White House Press Release:

“Brain cancer. Loser. What a weak, loser! I prefer people who don’t get brain cancer! Sorry. First class loser! Weak. Loser!”

Mr. McCain. Stay strong. He’s not even worthy to shine your shoes!


Sometimes, if I’m going someplace that’s close, but too far for me to want to walk, I take a taxi to a location further away. Get out, then get a taxi back to where I want to go.

Why? Because I’m American!

Well, I can add “Professor” to my resume! In October I will be kicking off my course “Stand Up and Deliver” at Baptist University.

We will have a beginner and an advanced course, all with the goal of teaching the students how humor can be a powerful tool in business and their personal life!

So, why humor? The late journalist Eric Sevareid said “Next to power without honor, the most dangerous thing in the world is power without humor.”

My goal is for each participant to leave with a with a healthy dose of humanity, humility, and intellectual perspective that only humor can bring. I want to teach the class about the power (and importance) of humor to make and scale positive change in the world, and also – surprise! – to achieve personal and business success and cultivate stronger bonds with people!

Because in today’s world more than ever, humor is serious business.

Keep laughing, people!