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Facebook friends! First let me say, I’m alright! But last night was scary! I am still shaking, to say the least!

At approximately 8.48PM, at dinner, I did the unimaginable! Sure, I had a few glasses of wine! Perhaps I shouldn’t have!

I was discussing a potential boys weekend to the USA with my wife Julie Lynne Carmichael! Things were going well! It was civilised!

And then, it happened! As she was discussing the pros and cons of such a trip, my mouth spews out “Honey, I’m going to do whatever the hell I want”

As soon as the world’s left my mouth, I knew I could never take them back! They were out there! Lingering! She sat there. Still! Not even blinking! Looking me directly in the eyes!

If I don’t post in the next 48 hours, please send help!

In the Bible, the punishment of gluttony is to be in Hell and force fed rats, toads and snakes!

I don’t know. I’ve been in Asia so long, that it doesn’t sound that bad! As long as there’s enough soy sauce, why not!

Went to the doctors today. Turns out I have “Abdominal Adiposity”!

A very common disease that millions affects millions of Americans every year! I think, God willing, I can overcome this!

Keep eating, I mean laughing, people!

On Friday, the 28th July, I will be performing at the TakeOut Comedy Club in SoHo! Journalists from the Hong Kong Economic Times will be there for an article about my life as “The Stand Up Banker!”

Come along and laugh your “assets” off! I will also be announcing that I finally had plastic surgery! You need to come to the show to find out what I had done!

Message me for tickets!

And, of course, keep laughing!

Wow. I’m 55! Yeah, 55! I can’t believe it! It’s like, one day you’re 26 getting drunk every night, eating junk food at Taco Bell at 3AM and waking up with a hangover! And then, BAM! You’re 55, getting drunk every night, eating junk food at Ebeneezer’s at 3AM and waking up with a hangover!

I’m 55, and I’ve been married for 16 years!! I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!! And my wife behind me slightly pushing me towards it.

I’m 55! I can’t even look at a 20 something woman with nice cleavage without curling up in fetal position and weeping. By the way, I’m banned from Hooters for that.

The Japanese have amazing sex robots. There’s a new one. You can set it to RESIST!!!

The most polite, well dressed, reserved people on the planet want a RESIST setting!

Then It occurred to me! Perhaps they’re sooooo polite that they want to think their having sex with their wife!!!

You know? Stay away. You’re gross. Stop. Please. Stop.

Clever people!