Ha Ha Tukee Christmas Show!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, in Ahwatukee!

Are you ready to see Arizonas best comedians kick off the Christmas season? Arizona legend Tony Vicich, along with Abrar Maniyar, Ryan Heilman, Douglas M Payne Jr. and Ahwatukee favorite LadyQue Thatfunnygirl Robinson will keep the night filled with laughter!

Epic lineup! Epic laughs! It’s Christmas! Come get in the spirit by laughing your jingle bells off!

Tickets are $6 and you can buy them at Cactus Jack’s before the show or go to https://tinyurl.com/hahadec22

Tickets are $8 at the door the night of the show!

Cactus Jack’s Bar and Grill

4747 E Elliott Rd


Special occasion? Group tickets? Call me at 239-235-9368!

Keep laughing, people!


Ha Ha Tukee Comedy Show – July 28th

I can’t wait for July 28th! Why? Well, I absolutely love Carne Asada! And on July 28th I get to see Carnita Asada! If he’s half as good as the taste of Carne Asada, we’re all in for a treat!

And our headliner? Well, Jan Brenner is a legend from the city of New York!

And we also have Guy Hannah, Patrick Bean and Keeley Wolf!

Come support local comedy, and enjoy some great service, food and drinks at Cactus Jack’s!

Keep laughing, people!

Celebrating something? Call me for discounted tickets!

Ha Ha Tukee Comedy Show

Today’s Ahwatukee Foothills News!

We’re week away from the launch of Ha Ha Tukee Comedy at Cactus Jacks!

Come support some of the funniest comedians in Phoenix!

Eric Bernal
Lady Q that funny girl
Abrar Maniyar
Guy Hanna
Matthew Delgado
Darron Finesilver
Jacob Cano

We’re bringing laughter to the neighborhood! Every month!


My Italian grandmother thought food could cure anything.

One time I said, "Grandma, meatballs cannot cure cancer."

She said, "Of course not, that's what sausage and peppers are for! Sei stupido!"

Well, crossing things off your bucket list sometimes calls for crazy decisions! I will fly to New York for 72 hours to attend my induction into The Friars Club!

This year they also elected Bette Midler, William Baldwin and Fran Drescher as members and they are invited to the dinner and ceremony! If I get to meet Bette Midler, I can tick off another thing from my bucket list!

And I will also see my amazing sister, Karen Rose Solimini as well as my cousins from New York, James Nawoichyk and Marie Bauer! They’re both Yankees fans, but, well l, they can’t be perfect! I still love them!

I will be in town form the 10th to the 13th September staying at The Carvi Hotel just a five minute walk to The Friars Club.

Will be free the 11th if anyone is in the city!

Keep laughing, people!