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Originally from Boston, I have lived and worked overseas since 1989! London, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong! I have constantly looked for new ways to communicate more effectively and be more successful! Through books, training and stand up comedy I have become pretty good! Keep laughing!


Friends and family in Hong Kong! I need your help! This madman has been seen walking the streets of Hong Kong and in the evenings murdering any audience member that gets in his way! Come to the TakeOut Comedy Club, this Friday, 30th November at 9PM for more laughter! I mean details!

Oh, Pete Grella, Mahesh Mansigani, Jameson Gong and yours truly will also be spreading the laughter!

Keep laughing, people!

My Italian grandmother thought food could cure anything.

One time I said, "Grandma, meatballs cannot cure cancer."

She said, "Of course not, that's what sausage and peppers are for! Sei stupido!"